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Better Dealership Marketing Without Hiring Another Employee

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23 Apr Better Dealership Marketing Without Hiring Another Employee

The introduction of new technology makes the yearly change in marketing inevitable. As a salesman it may be difficult to keep up with the newest trends where customers are not only shopping and researching in person, but also online – this term is referred to as Multi-channel marketing. This type of marketing is directed towards the several different ways consumers experience your dealership’s brand, such as on websites, social media, and billboards.

This past June, Lewis PR conducted a study and found that 84% of senior marketers across the globe announced that multi-channel marketing was their main focus in their current marketing strategy. This is due to the fact that today’s generation uses technology to their advantage. So why don’t you, as a salesperson, use the media to promote your dealership’s brand? All you have to do is post digital ads, promote your brand on the radio, television, and even on your website.

Simple enough, the biggest resource you could use is a digital marketing partner. Time is money, so the more people you can utilize the better! While your new digital marketing partner works on promoting your business, you can now place your main focus on helping customers and selling cars.

So, why not make it easier on yourself and utilize a digital marketing partner in lieu of potentially hiring more employees and costing yourself more money in the long run?



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