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Email Marketing vs. SMS Marketing

26 Apr Email Marketing vs. SMS Marketing

One of the most popular topics about mobile marketing is the debate over Email marketing vs. text message marketing. However, MessageSystems conducted a survey regarding this to settle the debate. They and Google surveyed 500 consumers to find out which form of communication they preferred to receive special offers and promotions; Here are the results.

  • 50% of people did not want to receive any sort of notification.
  • 25% chose to receive email notifications.
  • 9% of people would rather receive text message notifications
  • The remaining 16% preferred methods of communication such as social media, push notifications, and Snail Mail.

So there you have it. Half of the people would rather not receive promotional messages at all, ¼ of them want to be notified by email, and 9% of people want to get texts. My advice is to start out by notifying potential consumers by email, since that is the most preferred. Then, text them if they’d like. Lastly, contact them through social media, Snail Mail, and push notifications.

Back to the topic of this blog, in today’s society, email marketing is by far your better bet opposed to text message marketing.


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