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PPC vs. Automated PPC

26 Apr PPC vs. Automated PPC

In today’s society, everything revolves around the latest technology. In the sales industry, technology can certainly be used to your advantage. Now, we all know about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Since we are so technologically advanced however, there is now such thing as Automated Bid Management (ABM) software, which can be utilized by a PPC manager efficiently. Now, the most common ABM software is Google AdWords. There are many upsides to automation, but also several to human pay per click.

Pros of Automated PPC:

  • While humans can not constantly update their account, an automated program can. Automated PPC allows 24/7 updates.
  • Humans make mistakes! Computers do not. Programs will correct any errors that the human eye did not pick up on.

Pros of Human Touch:

  • Automation does not always function flawlessly.
  • Even automated programs require some human assistance, so you might as well do it all yourself.

In conclusion, I believe that automation is not necessary, but it is useful in the sense that it makes life a little bit easier.


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